As a core business of the eco-system which already run 3 years and plan to expand up to 100 nail salons internationally within the next 5 years

A marketplace which came into being as a place to purchse and procedure our recommended and hand picked specialty nail and beauty products then expanding into makeup and cosmectics, food and drink, electronics and much more to be a place for all of your shopping needs

VLINK Real Estate is an accessible and intuitive marketplace for brokers or property owners wishing to advertise their Real Estate. Using livestream technology and real-time interaction, VLINK realestate is set to provide a modern and efficient way of doing business.

One International Marketplace that combines online store and services around the world. Buy any goods or services with our tokens. VLG exchange is our base of crypto currency trading. Together with the VLINK Blockchain Supply Chain Platform Application, VLINK GROUP is well on the way to developing its own E-banking system known as Crypto Currency World Bank (CCWB) that combines international cryptocurrency banks, ATM and exchange all together.

VLINK PAY will create encoding characters for each credit card, called a ‘Device Account Number’. When making payments in person with VLINK PAY on an IOS or Android smartphone, it will use these characters to connect with cash registers via a wireless formality called NFC (Near-Field Communication). This creates a one-time code to confirm the transaction and continue with the next step, an ‘ID touch’ to ensure that you are the owner of the credit card.


For Traders

We have 10 block for presales and the price will be up after each block.

Your tokens will not be locked that you can trade or transfer anytime since you buy them.

Sign in account from this site to get your tokens as soon as when good price still offering.

For Membership

Become a membership or merchant of VLINK network with many beneficiary.

Buy token as membership with 2 years locked for vesting with interest.

Sign in for register to get 5 tokens airdrop when open account and more benefit with price and merchants priority.

Merchants Priority

Our project is based on an existing cryptocurrency exchange.

We aim to connect and to provide Merchants internationally our best opportunity for co-operation with those of special offers throughout 03 packages with certain benefits as follows:

1. Pro Business
1 Year Platform activation fee covered. Transfer 5,000 VTP per user (daily limit). Liquidity from the company 15,000 VTP a month plus a 16% fee. Referral 20% direct bonus. Become 1 of 10,000 Merchant, share 10% of revenue from selling the Merchant platform.

2. Platinum Business
1 Year Platform activation fee covered. Transfer 3,000 VTP per user (daily limit). Liquidity from the company 10,000 VTP a month plus an 18% fee. Referral 15% direct bonus.

3. Bronze Business
1 Year Platform activation fee covered. Transfer 1,000 VTP per user (daily limit). Liquidity from the company 4,000 VTP a month plus a 20% fee. Referral 10% direct bonus.

Those of the following benefits applied for the three packages mentioned above. Brands banner run ads on the front page. Show business map on the catalog area.


Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

Smart Contract: TYQANzKR4QUKcotSyjezqxEmyWzbwQFxM4
Token Name: VLG Token
Symbol: VLG
Decimals: 8
Supply: 999.999.999
Descriptions: VLG is utility token while VLG Plus is stable token issued by VLINK GROUP on TRON Network
Start Time

10 JAN, 2022

Token Symbol


Tokens Offered

30.5 M

End Time

30 MAR, 2022


VLG Token Crypto is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.




Our Companies


Download the whitepaper and

VLG White Paper (2021)
VLINK GROUP Profile (2021)


Below we’ve provided a bit of VLG, VLG Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

Where is the headquarter of VLINK GROUP?

5444 Westheimer Rd, Suite 1000, Houston Texas 77056 USA

Nail & Beauty is our first and core business please visit us at

You can contact us via [email protected]

What is VLG Token?

VLG is VLINK Token Initial Offering as a security token together with VLG Plus as stable token with global Eco-system to use

Once VLG period is launched, You can purchased VLG Token with Etherum, Bitcoin or USDT.

You can also purchase here or in where to be locked for 2 years with interest but cheaper price.

As an investors or traders you can gain the price up of the token due to its global Eco-system as you can view in the whitepaper.

What is VLG Crypto?

VLG is VLINK Token Initial Offering as a security token together with VLG Plus as stable token with global Eco-system to use

Our total distribution is 999.999.999 VLG tokens

The presale quantity is 30.5M tokens

The presale will be ended on 30th March, 2022

How many types of investment that I can join?

You can invest by joining us as Master Node, Merchants or event Traders

The total distribution of Master Node is 120,000,000 tokens

The minimum to become as our Master Node with special benefits is 100,000 tokens

Beside the benefits mentioned in the whitepaper as a Master Node you can also receive yearly 10% benefit within the benefit pool of Vlinkgroup ‘s Eco-system globally.

Contact Us

We are always open and we welcome and questions you have for our team. If you wish to get in touch, please fill out the form below. Someone from our team will get back to you shortly.